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Returning for the 7th year

October 25, 2014

Garfield High School

Jazz Ensemble

Woodmen Hall

Lopez Island, WA

2:30 p.m.

Tickets $15.00

Students Free


Tickets available Paper, Scissors on the Rock and at this website. For additional information please contact


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Lopez School Music Advocacy Foundation

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Dean and Carolyn Jacobsen

Lopez School Music Advocacy Foundation

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Lopez School Music Advocacy Foundation

The purpose of the Lopez Schools Music Foundation is to enhance the existing K-12 music program at Lopez Schools within its academic and extracurricular activities. The foundation will sponsor several public music performance events each year as fundraiser's. Professional musicians perform for that purpose, to work directly within the schools normal academic environment. Their enthusiasm and professionalism help expose students to the benefits of a structured long-term skills development.



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Overton Berry Trio 

Hawk Arps, vibraharp

July 3, 2013

On the lawn at Lopez Islander


In 2010 Hawkeye Herman visited twice presenting workshops in school and at the public library. He worked with students in several classrooms and with the middle school literacy class he had the students write a song. The following link with take you to Hawkeye's recording of the "Chicken Bucket Blues ". The words to the song have to do with the school garden and food from the school kitchen.

"Chicken Bucket Blues "

Overton Berry Trio performed on the 3rd of July for the 6th year in a row. It was a great performance on the lawn at Edenwild Inn. The Foundation thanks Kris and Robert for their generous donation of the use of their lawn for our outdoor performances. Funds raised were used to 100% support our in school music enhancement.

September gave us the opportunity to gift ukuleles and personalized gig bags to all the members of the 4th grade class at Lopez Elementary School. Lisa Geddes, elementary music teacher, assisted by Ken Savage, works with the students throughout the school year. We look forward to a public performance in the Spring. The foundation will gift ukuleles and gig bags each year to the 4th grade class. Do you know of any musicians who might help support Lisa Geddes and her students in the music literacy and teaching of ukulele?

October 9th brought the return of Clarence Acox and his award winning Garfield High School Jazz Band I to perform for the 3rd year in financial support of our foundation.

After a year of "testing" the "Check Out The Music" program, our public library board voted to adopt the program permanently. All instruments and gig bags have been officially donated by the Lopez School Music Advocacy Foundation to the library. Lou Pray and the library board are committed to supporting and enhancing the libraries arts education capabilities.

Lopez School Music Advocacy Foundation was the driving force behind the reprinting of the "Up the Mississippi, A Journey of the Blues". This book includes a CD representative of Blues evolution. Copies of the book were donated to each member of Kurt Jacobs, U.S. History Class for the 3rd year in a row. He has included the book in his American History Class Curriculum. Anyone interested in a copy of his curriculum please contact the Foundation. Kurt has given us permission to "share" with interested parties. We have a limited number of books for sale and the public library also has it available for check out.

The Foundation sponsored the Friday Harbor High School Jazz Band and the 8th Grade Band to perform here at the Lopez School on December 3, 2010. Janet Olson and her 72 members presented each piece they played with a brief introduction of the piece, composer and band members who would solo in the number. One band member, when asked why he was in band simply stated "because it is cool!" Janet's student obviously enjoys being part of the group. We encourage you to attend any of their performances that you can.
















































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